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Term Life Insurance

Most families don't have adequate life insurance. Do any of these statements sound familiar - "It's too expensive" ... "I don't have the time" ... "I hate high pressure sales tactics" ... "I'll do it tomorrow." We make it simple and affordable to have the life insurance protection that's so vital to your family's future. We'll give you the independent advantage. Our continually updated computer database searches out the highest-quality term life insurance policies, affordable prices and safest companies.

This FREE, detailed online information lets you select the insurance that's right for your short or long term needs at substantial savings - no hassles, no sales pressure. And since all transactions can be handled safely and efficiently over the phone and through the mail, there's no need to meet with a sales person or spend countless hours shopping for life insurance. Our service allows you to shop in the comfort of your home or office. This service is completely secure, confidential and personalized. Finding the right life insurance at the right price has never been easier!



How can you save me money?
Competition between life insurance companies and the increasing life span of the average American has caused term life insurance prices to decrease dramatically over the last 10 years. Prices can vary by hundreds of dollars a year between one company and the next. Our online tools and access to multiple databases with policies and prices allow us to find the best policy for your situation.

What insurance companies do you shop from in order to generate a term life insurance quote for me?
We shop from a list of companies including names such as AIG/American General Life, John Hancock, Jackson National, Banner Life - along with other lesser known but equally sound companies.  All of the companies are rated A++ to A- (Superior to Excellent)  for financial strength and claims-paying ability by A.M. Best Company.

What is the difference in Preferred and Standard Rates?
Preferred rates are the best rates offered by an insurance company. They are for non-smokers and smokers in good health. Personal factors such as past health history, family medical history, height, weight, cholesterol level, lifestyle, etc. will determine whether you qualify for preferred or standard rates.

What if I already have life insurance?
Feel free to get a quote from us. If we find you a similar policy for less money you can replace the policy you currently have. However, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to process a new policy so be sure to keep your previous policy until your new one arrives. In other words, don't cancel your policy just because the quote we give you has a lower premium than the premium on your current policy. Instead, wait until you have applied for and qualified for the term life quote we send you. Also, if you are replacing a life insurance policy, the agent will have you sign a notice of replacement based upon your state's insurance regulations.

Will my premiums rise if my health changes?
No, your premium is guaranteed to stay the same throughout the length of your term no matter what happens to your health.

Do I have to take a medical exam in order to apply for a policy?
Yes, today nearly all insurance companies require a quick (approx. 20-30 minute) paramedic exam before making your coverage effective. The exam is free and is performed in your home or place of work, at your convenience. One of the reasons term life insurance rates have been decreasing over the years is because of insurance companies requiring this quick and easy medical exam.

Will my coverage be effective while I'm waiting for my policy to arrive?
After you submit your application and first premium payment, some companies provide you with temporary conditional coverage until your policy arrives. The agent will explain your conditional coverage options when you apply for a policy.

How do I pay for my life insurance?
You can select from a variety of options including annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. Also, many companies allow you to have your premium automatically deducted from your bank account.  Most will also extend discounts to you as you pay premiums in advance vs. monthly.

What if I decide I don't want my policy after I have paid for it?
You will have from 10 - 20 days (depending on your state of residence) after you receive your policy to decide whether the policy is right for you. Within that time period you can cancel and request a full refund of any premiums paid.


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